What is Repositori UJI?

Universitat Jaume I Repository is the digital space of and for research in Castelló, a multidisciplinary portal that shows research, academic, institutional and learning results from UJI. To do this, it archives, organises and disseminates electronic documents of any kind created by the members of the university community as a result of their academic, teaching, research and institutional activity. It also includes digitised documentary material on the province of Castelló and other information resources from different institutions, like Spain-European Union Digital Archive (SEDAS).

What is it for?

At the UJI Repository you can consult, share and download the full text of articles, books, working documents, publicity material, teaching material, maps and photographs; see audiovisual productions or listen to sound files being streamed, and see statistics on the use of different scientific documents, always respecting and protecting copyright.

All documents are indexed by Google, Google Scholar and other search engines and are included in external harvesters, some general and others specific, including Hispana, Europeana or Recolecta.

Ultimately, the Repository provides greater accessibility, visibility and impact for our university’s research and information resources about Castelló, leading to an increase in its use and, consequently, in academic citations. At the same time, it ensures its long-term digital preservation.

In this way, Universitat Jaume I is making a definite commitment to the spread of open knowledge.

What can be found there?

The contents of the Repository are structured in communities, organised in turn into subcommunities and collections, following functional criteria.

Spain–European Union Digital Archive (SEDAS). Includes important documents in all formats – text, image, audio, video – about Spain and the European Union which are currently dispersed in the bibliographical and documentary collections of institutions that have worked and continue to work in the sphere of the European Union. Also it is included scientific and academic outputs from Spanish universities related to European Union.

Castelló Digital Library (BDCS). Contains bibliographical and documentary material dealing with the province of Castelló in any format, as well as material created by Castelló authors and institutions. In it you can find books, leaflets, periodical publications, photographs and postcards, radio programmes, etc.
Its purpose is to make this material available to all users, since it is difficult to consult in situ because of its age, state of preservation or geographical dispersal.

Spanish Agrarian History Society. Contains the working papers published by the Spanish Agrarian History Society. These documents are harvested by REPEC (Research Papers in Economics).

UJI: Institutional documents. Contains documents for public access produced by the University’s different services as they carry out their functions.

UJI: Research. Includes the academic production of the members of the university community organised into different subcommunities and collections: doctoral theses, preprints, articles, papers to congresses, etc. These documents are harvested by DRIVER, OpenAire and RECOLECTA.

UJI: Learning and students materials. Contains materials and objects connected with learning, in any format created by University lecturers as a result of their teaching. They also include summer courses organised by the university.
On the other hand, include the bachelor and master thesis from students at the Universitat Jaume I.
All documents are harvested by the cooperative Repository MDX (Teaching Materials Network) of the CBUC.

UJI: Journals. Allows you to access the full texts of the different journals created by the departments of the Universitat Jaume I. Most of them are deposited in the cooperative Repository RACO (Open Access Journals).

All documents are harvested by Hispana (directory and harvester of digital collections) and by Europeana (European Digital Library).

How are documents included?

The Library is in charge of managing the contents of the Repositori UJI.

To combine the advantages of open access with respect to author’s copyright, the Library recommends the use of Creative Commons Licenses. On the other hand, the Library assigns a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) to the publications of the university.

If you are a member of the university community interested in depositing your own publications to be disseminated under open access or interested in specific documents being included in the Repository, contact biblioteca@uji.es.