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  • Características formales de las iglesias de salón valencianas del s. XVIII 

    Sáez Riquelme, Beatriz (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, 2017)
    The hall church is a type of religious building, examples of which are found in certain areas of Europe and America. However, there are only few and simple definitions of them as a concept, consisting mainly of a list ...
  • Sculpture Development as an Informal Activity for Learning Engineering Abilities in K-12 Student 

    García García, Carlos; Chulvi Ramos, Vicente; Galán Serrano, Julia (Ahmad IbrahimTEMPUS Publications, 2017)
    The social changes that have taken place in recent decades have determined the evolution of the educational system. Society nowadays demands new learning methods, focused on an appropriate selection and processing of ...
  • Effect of wind turbine converter control on wind power plant harmonic response and resonances 

    Sainz, Luis; Monjo, Lluís; Pedra, Joaquin; Cheah-Mane, Marc; Liang, Jun; Gomis-Bellmunt, Oriol (The Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2017-02)
    Wind turbine harmonic emissions due to power electronics are a well-known power quality concern in wind power plants (WPPs). This problem may be increased by resonances because they amplify harmonic distortion around ...
  • Measurement of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity using a thermoelectric module 

    Beltrán-Pitarch, Braulio; Márquez García, Lourdes; Min, Gao; García Cañadas, Jorge (IOP Publishing Ltd, 2017)
    A proof of concept of using a thermoelectric module to measure both thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of bulk disc samples at room temperature is demonstrated. The method involves the calculation of the integral ...
  • Observer-based controllers with data dropout rate adaptation 

    Dolz Algaba, Daniel; Peñarrocha Alós, Ignacio; Sanchis Llopis, Roberto (Wiley, 2017-02)
    In this work, we address the observer-based control problem for networked control systems with an unknown time-varying packet arrival rate (PAR) and under root mean square-norm bounded disturbances. We assume packetized ...


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