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dc.contributor.authorAlegre Ansuátegui, Francisco José
dc.contributor.authorMoliner Miravet, Lidón
dc.contributor.authorMaroto, Ana
dc.contributor.authorLorenzo Valentín, Gil
dc.identifier.citationALEGRE ANSUÁTEGUI, Francisco José; MOLINER MIRAVET, Lidón; MAROTO, Ana; LORENZO VALENTÍN, Gil (2018). Peer tutoring in mathematics in primary education: a systematic review. Educational Review, online 7/6/2018ca_CA
dc.description.abstractIn this review, we have examined the main components of peer tutoring in mathematics in primary education (1st to 6th grade) settings. Fifty studies were included in this article. The review was intended to examine trends in this research field regarding roles of the participants, their age (same-age vs cross-age), the methodological approach taken (quantitative, qualitative or mixed), the type of quantitative design, the analysed variables and organisational matters (number of participants, program duration, sessions per week and duration of the sessions). Main results were also included for each article and effect sizes were calculated when possible. It was found that 75% of the studies revealed medium to very large effect sizes. The average effect size was reported to be large to very large (Cohen’s d = .89; standard deviation = .60). Limitations, recommendations for future research, implications for practice and conclusions are also presented.ca_CA
dc.publisherTaylor & Francisca_CA
dc.relation.isPartOfEducational Review, online 7/6/2018ca_CA
dc.subjectPeer tutoringca_CA
dc.subjectMathematics educationca_CA
dc.subjectReview of the literatureca_CA
dc.subjectPrimary educationca_CA
dc.subjectEffect sizeca_CA
dc.subjectEducational outcomesca_CA
dc.titlePeer tutoring in mathematics in primary education: a systematic reviewca_CA

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