17th AGILE Conference on Geographic Information Science. Connecting a Digital Europe through Location and Place.3-6 june 2014, Castelló de la Plana

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Selected best short papers and posters


Session: Data Capture and Mapping

A comparative study on VGI and professional noise data. Irene García-Martí, Joaquín Torres‐Sospedra, Luis E. Rodríguez‐Pupo and Joaquín Huerta.

Using Open Street Maps data and tools for indoor mapping in a Smart City scenario. Álvaro Arranz, Guillermo Amat, Ángel Ramos and Javier Fernández.

Session: Visualization

How to visualize the geography of Swiss history. André Bruggmann and Sara Irina Fabrikant .

Geo-Information Visualizations of Linked Data. Rob Lemmens and Carsten Kessler.

Session: Geospatial Algorithms

Session: Analysis and Education

Geographic Information Technologies for analysing the digital footprint of tourists Toni Hernández, Josep Sitjar, Rosa Olivella and Lluis Vicens

Workforce Demand Assessment to Shape Future GI-Education – First Results of a Survey Barbara Hofer, Gudrun Wallentin, Christoph Traun and Josef Strobl

Some strategic national initiatives for the Swedish education in the geodata field Lars Harrie, Karin Larsson, David Tenenbaum, Milan Horemuz, Hanna Ridefelt, Gunnar Lysell, S. Anders Brandt, Eva A.U. Sahlin, Göran Adelsköld, Mats Högström and Jakob Lagerstedt

Session: Linked Data Web

Cadastral data integration through Linked Data Jhonny Saavedra Velasquez, Luis M. Vilches‐Blázquez and Alberto Boada

GEOSUD SDI: accessing Earth Observation data collections with semantic-based services Mathieu Kazmierski, Jean‐Chistophe Desconnets, Bertrand Guerrero and Dominique Briand

Little Steps Towards Big Goals. Using Linked Data to Develop Next Generation Spatial Data Infrastructures (aka SDI 3.0) Francis Harvey, Jim Jones, Simon Scheider, Adam Iwaniak, Iwona Kaczmarek, Jaromar Łukowicz and Marek Strzelecki

Session: Urban Dimension

Recitoire: a tool for qualitative surveysinvolving citizensin urban planning projects David Noël, Marlène Villanova-Oliver and Jérôme Gensel

Planned vs. Real City: 3D GIS for Analyzing the Transformation of Urban Morphology Pilar Garcia-Almirall, Francesc Valls Dalmau and Montserrat Moix Bergada

Session: Qualitative Information

VGI Edit History Reveals Data Trustworthiness and User Reputation Fausto D'Antonio, Paolo Fogliaroni and Tomi Kauppinen

Session: Policy Dimension

Assessment of the integration of geographic information in e-government policy in Europe Glenn Vancauwenberghe, Danny Vandenbroucke, Joep Crompvoets, Francesco Pignatelli and Raymond Boguslawski

Exploring the market potential for geo-ICT companies in relation to INSPIRE Glenn Vancauwenberghe, Piergiorgio Cipriano, Max Craglia, Cameron Easton, Giacomo Martirano and Danny Vandenbroucke

Session: Data Mining

Session: Routing

Session: Mapping and the Citizen Sensor COST TD1202

Semantic analysis of Citizen Sensing, Crowdsourcing and VGI Lex Comber, Sven Schade, Linda See, Peter Mooney and Giles Foody

Characteristics of Citizen-contributed Geographic Information Spyridon Spyratos, Michael Lutz and Francesco Pantisano

Is this Twitter event a disaster? André Dittrich and Christian Lucas

Session: Theory and Practice

Session: Observation Integration

Session: Land Cover and Use COST TD1202

Cropland capture: A gaming approach to improve global land cover Linda See, Tobias Sturn, Christoph Perger, Steffen Fritz, Ian McCallum and Carl Salk

Session: Trajectories

Queues in Ski Resort Graphs: the Ski‐Optim Model Tino Barras, Marut Doctor, Marc Revilloud, Michael Schumacher and Jean‐Christophe Loubier

Session: Best Papers

Linking crowdsourced observations with INSPIRE Stefan Wiemann and Lars Bernard


Design of the Data Transformation Architecture for the INSPIRE Data Model Browser Alberto Belussi, Piergiorgio Cipriano, Sara Migliorini, Mauro Negri and Giuseppe Pelagatti

ELF GeoLocator Service Pekka Latvala, Lassi Lehto and Jaakko Kähkönen

Enhancing the role of Citizen Sensors in Mapping: COST Action TD1202 Giles Foody, Steffen Fritz, Linda See, Norman Kerle, Glen Hart and Cidalia Fonte

IDE‐OTALEX C. The big challenge of the first Crossborder SDI between Spain and Portugal Teresa Batista, Carmen Caballero, Fernando Ceballos, Cristina Carriço, Pedro Vivas, José Cabezas, Luis Ferdández and Carlos Pinto‐Gomes

Noise map: professional versus crowdsourced data Andrea Podör and András Révész

SDI strategic planning using the system dynamics technique: A case study in Tanzania Ali Mansourian, Alex Lubida, Ehsan Abdolmajidi, Petter Pilesjö and Micael Runnström

Using Crop Phenology to Assess Changes in Cultivated Land after the Anfal Genocide in Iraqi Kurdistan Lina Eklund, Andreas Persson, Jing Tang, Mitch Selander and Martin Borg

Usability Patterns for Geoportals Christin Henzen and Lars Bernard

Agile access to sensor network Sergi Trilles, Óscar Belmonte Fernández, Laura Díaz Sánchez and Joaquín Huerta Guijarro

Exploring twitter georeferenced data related to flood events: an initial approach Maria Antonia Brovelli, Carolina Arias Munoz, Giorgio Zamboni and Alexander Bonetti

Improving equity of public transportation planning. The case of Palma de Mallorca (Spain) Maurici Ruiz, Joana Maria Seguí Pons, Jaume Mateu Lladó and Maria Rosa Martínez Reynés

The CartoCiudad gamble on Open Source and value‐added services Alicia Gonzalez, Antonio Rodríguez, Celia Sevilla and Miguel Villalón

How Earth Observation, Crop Modeling, and ICT can help rice cultivation: the ERMES project Sven Casteleyn, Carlos Granell, Sergi Trilles, Joaquín Huerta, Mirco Boschetti, Lorenzo Busetto, Monica Pepe, Dimitrios Katsantonis, Roberto Confalonieri, Francesco Holecz, Javier García Haro and Ioannis Gitas

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