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  • Rich regions, poor regions and bank branch deregulation in Spain 

    Pastor, José Manuel; Pavía, Jose M.; Serrano, Lorenzo; Tortosa Ausina, Emili (Taylor & Francis, 2016)
    Rich regions, poor regions and bank branch deregulation in Spain. Regional Studies. The links between financial deregulation and economic performance are evaluated in a European context. Specifically, the study analyses ...
  • ¿Por qué los mercados grandes no regulan? 

    Camacho Cuena, Eva; Ginés Vilar, Miguel; Vidal Meliá, Lidia (Generalitat Valenciana: Comité economic i social de la Comunitat Valenciana, 2016)
    El objetivo de este trabajo es estudiar, utilizando un modelo teórico, el impacto que el tamaño del mercado tiene sobre la regulación de las emisiones consecuencia de la actividad productiva de las empresas. En nuestro ...
  • The role of Institutions in explaining wage determination in the Euro Area: a panel cointegration approach 

    Camarero, Mariam; D'Adamo, Gaetano; Tamarit, Cecilio R. (Wiley, 2016-03)
    Over the last 15 years, the evolution of labor costs has been very diverse across EMU countries. Since wages have important second-round effects on prices and competitiveness, and EMU countries do not have the tool of ...
  • From banks' strategies to financial (in)stability 

    Berardi, Simone; Tedeschi, Simone (Elsevier, 2017-01)
    This paper aims to shed light on the emergence of systemic risk in credit systems. By developing an interbank market with heterogeneous financial institutions granting loans on different network structures, we investigate ...
  • Blessing or curse: The stabilizing role of remittances compared with other financial flows 

    Ahmed, Junaid; Martínez Zarzoso, Inmaculada (SAGE Publications, 2016)
    Flows of remittances to Pakistan are being increasingly viewed as a relatively attractive source of external finance, which can help to foster development and manage economic shocks. Remittances have become a major source ...