• End-to-end congestion control protocols for remote programming of robots, using heterogeneous networks: A comparative analysis 

      Wirz, Raúl; Marín Prades, Raúl; Claver, José M.; Ferre, Manuel; Aracil, Rafael; Fernández Fresneda, José Javier
      There are many interesting aspects of Internet Telerobotics within the network robotics context, such as variable bandwidth and time-delays. Some of these aspects have been treated in the literature from the control point ...
    • Transforming general networks into feed-forward by using turn-prohibition 

      Echagüe Guardiola, Juan; Villadangos, José; Cholvi Juan, Vicente; Prieto, M.
      The issue of breaking cycles in communication networks is an important topic for several reasons. For instance, it is required when transparent bridges are filling the forwarding tables. It is also needed to prevent the ...
    • Fragment-based approximate retrieval in highly heterogeneous XML collections 

      Sanz Blasco, Ismael; Mesiti, Marco; Guerrini, G.; Berlanga Llavori, Rafael
      Due to the heterogeneous nature of XML data for internet applications exact matching of queries is often inadequate. The need arises to quickly identify subtrees of XML documents in a collection that are similar to a given ...
    • An Algorithm-by-Blocks for SuperMatrix Band Cholesky Factorization 

      Quintana Ortí, Gregorio; Quintana Ortí, Enrique S.; Remón Gómez, Alfredo; Van de Geijn, Robert A.
      We pursue the scalable parallel implementation of the factor- ization of band matrices with medium to large bandwidth targeting SMP and multi-core architectures. Our approach decomposes the computation into a large ...
    • Biologically-Inspired 3D Grasp Synthesis Based on Visual Exploration 

      Recatalá Ballester, Gabriel; Chinellato, Eris; Pascual del Pobil Ferré, Ángel; Mezouar, Youcef; Martinet, Philippe
      Object grasping is a typical human ability which is widely studied from both a biological and an engineering point of view. This paper presents an approach to grasp synthesis inspired by the human neurophysiology of ...
    • Remote Programming of Multirobot Systems within the UPC-UJI Telelaboratories: System Architecture and Agent-Based Multirobot Control 

      Sanz Valero, Pedro José; Fernández Fresneda, José Javier; Marín Prades, Raúl; Wirz, Raúl
      One of the areas that needs further improvement within E-Learning environments via Internet (A big effort is required in this area if progress is to be made) is allowing students to access and practice real experiments ...
    • The UJI librarian robot 

      Prats Sánchez, Mario; Martínez Martín, Ester; Sanz Valero, Pedro José; Pascual del Pobil Ferré, Ángel
      This paper describes the UJI Librarian Robot, a mobile manipulator that is able to autonomously locate a book in an ordinary library, and grasp it from a bookshelf, by using eye-in-hand stereo vision and force sensing. The ...
    • Designing Similarity Measures for XML 

      Sanz Blasco, Ismael; Pérez Catalán, María; Berlanga Llavori, Rafael
      In this demonstration we will show a series of tools that support a methodology [1] for the design of complex similarity functions in the context of heterogenous XML systems.
    • Efficient Transport Protocol for Networked 

      Wirz, Raúl; Ferre, Manuel; Marín Prades, Raúl; Barrio, Jorge; Claver, José M.; Ortego, Javier
      The performance of haptic application is highly sensitive to communication delays and losses of data. It implies several constraints in developing networked haptic applications. This paper describes a new internet ...
    • Vision-based grasp tracking for planar objects 

      Recatalá Ballester, Gabriel; Carloni, Raffaella; Melchiorri, Claudio; Sanz Valero, Pedro José; Cervera Mateu, Enric; Pascual del Pobil Ferré, Ángel
      In robotics, the manipulation of a priori unknown objects involves several steps and problems that must be carefully considered and solved by proper planning and control algorithms. For example, once suitable contact ...
    • Robotic execution for everyday tasks by means of external vision/force control 

      Prats Sánchez, Mario; Martinet, Philippe; Pascual del Pobil Ferré, Ángel; Lee, Sukhan
      In this article, we present an integrated manipulation framework for a service robot, that allows to interact with articulated objects at home environments through the coupling of vision and force modalities. We consider ...
    • Visialization of Ontologies to Specify Semantic Descriptions Of Services 

      Tomás López, Vicente Ramón; Samper, J. Javier; Carrillo, Eduardo; Do Nascimento, Rogério P. C.
      The present paper describes the main characteristics and components of a tool developed for integrating the definition of profiles for semantic Web Services. This tool is based on the languages DAML-S and OWL-S. It ...
    • Blocked algorithms for the reduction to Hessenberg-triangular form revisited 

      Kagstrom, B.; Kressner, Daniel; Quintana Ortí, Enrique S.; Quintana Ortí, Gregorio
      We present two variants of Moler and Stewart’s algorithm for reducing a matrix pair to Hessenberg-triangular (HT) form with increased data locality in the access to the matrices. In one of these variants, a careful ...
    • Toward the parallelization of GSL 

      Aliaga Estellés, José Ignacio; Almeida, Francisco; Badía Contelles, José Manuel; Barrachina Mir, Sergio; Blanco, Vicente; Castillo Catalán, Maribel; Mayo, Rafael; Quintana Ortí, Enrique S.; Quintana Ortí, Gregorio; Remón Gómez, Alfredo; Rodríguez, Casiano; De Sande, Francisco; Santos, Adrián
      In this paper, we present our joint efforts to design and develop parallel implementations of the GNU Scientific Library for a wide variety of parallel platforms. The multilevel software architecture proposed provides ...
    • Exploiting the capabilities of modern GPUs for dense matrix computations 

      Barrachina Mir, Sergio; Castillo Catalán, Maribel; Igual Peña, Francisco Daniel; Mayo, Rafael; Quintana Ortí, Enrique S.; Quintana Ortí, Gregorio
      We present several algorithms to compute the solution of a linear system of equations on a graphics processor (GPU), as well as general techniques to improve their performance, such as padding and hybrid GPU-CPU computation. ...
    • A 3D grasping system based on multimodal visual and tactile processing 

      Grzyb, Beata J.; Chinellato, Eris; Morales Escrig, Antonio; Pascual del Pobil Ferré, Ángel
      urpose – The purpose of this paper is to present a novel multimodal approach to the problem of planning and performing a reliable grasping action on unmodeled objects. Design/methodology/approach – The robotic system is ...
    • Generalized least squares-based parametric motion estimation 

      Montoliu Colás, Raúl; Pla Bañón, Filiberto
      The estimation of parametric global motion had a significant attention during the last two decades, but despite the great efforts invested, there are still open issues. The most important ones are related to the accuracy ...
    • Distance and orientation estimation of graspable objects in natural and artificial systems 

      Chinellato, Eris; Pascual del Pobil Ferré, Ángel
      Being able to estimate pose and location of nearby objects is a fundamental skill for any natural or artificial agent actively interacting with its environment. The methods for extraction and integration of visual cues ...
    • Statistical Approaches to Computer-Assisted Translation 

      Barrachina Mir, Sergio; Bender, Oliver; Casacuberta, Francisco; Civera, Jorge; Cubel, Elsa; Khadivi, Shahram; Lagarda, Antonio; Ney, Hermann; Tomás, Jesús; Vidal, Enrique; Vilar Torres, Juan Miguel
      Current machine translation (MT) systems are still not perfect. In practice, the output from these systems needs to be edited to correct errors. A way of increasing the productivity of the whole translation process (MT ...
    • The neuroscience of vision-based grasping: a functional review for computational modeling and bio-inspired robotics 

      Chinellato, Eris; Pascual del Pobil Ferré, Ángel
      The topic of vision-based grasping is being widely studied using various techniques and with different goals in humans and in other primates. The fundamental related findings are reviewed in this paper, with the aim of ...

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