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  • Chaos in hyperspaces of nonautonomous discrete systems 

    Sánchez, Iván; Sanchis López, Manuel; Villanueva, Hugo
    We study the interaction of some dynamical properties of a nonautonomous discrete dynamical system (X, f∞) and its induced nonautonomous discrete dynamical system (K(X),f∞¯), where K(X) is the hyperspace of non-empty compact ...
  • On the number of invariant Sylow subgroups under coprime action 

    Beltrán Felip, Antonio; shao, Changguo
    Let A and G be finite groups such that A acts coprimely on G via automorphisms. We study the number of A-invariant Sylow p-subgroups of G, say V a/p (G), for every prime p, and establish several arithmetical properties and ...
  • Squares of real conjugacy classes in finite groups 

    Beltrán Felip, Antonio; Felipe, M.J.; Melchor Borja, Carmen
    We prove that if a finite group G contains a conjugacy class K whose square is of the form 1∪D, where D is a conjugacy class of G, then ⟨K⟩ is a solvable proper normal subgroup of G and we completely determine its structure. ...
  • A version of the Stone-Weierstrass theorem in fuzzy analysis 

    Font, Juan J.; Sanchis, Delia; Sanchis López, Manuel
    Let C ( K , E 1 ) be the space of continuous functions defined between a compact Hausdorff space K and the space of fuzzy numbers E 1 endowed with the supremum metric. We provide a set of sufficient conditions ...
  • Mazur-Ulam type theorems for fuzzy normed spaces 

    Font, Juan J.; Galindo Pastor, Jorge; Macario, Sergio; Sanchis López, Manuel
    In this paper, we provide Mazur-Ulam type results for (not necessarily surjective) maps preserving equality of fuzzy distance defined between two fuzzy normed spaces. Our main goal is to study the additivity of such ...


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