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  • Mobile Access to Sensor Network: A Use Case on Wildfire Monitoring 

    Trilles Oliver, Sergi; Belmonte Fernández, Óscar; Huerta Guijarro, Joaquín
    These networks provide large volumes of data in many different formats, resolution and scales. The data are of different types and character: from meteorological conditions to air quality and the concentrations of pollutants ...
  • Textural Features for Hyperspectral Pixel Classification 

    Rajadell Rojas, Olga; García Sevilla, Pedro; Pla Bañón, Filiberto
    Hyperspectral remote sensing provides data in large amounts from a wide range of wavelengths in the spectrum and the possibility of distinguish subtle differences in the image. For this reason, the process of band selection ...
  • Scale Analysis of Several Filter Banks for Color Texture Classification 

    Rajadell Rojas, Olga; García Sevilla, Pedro; Pla Bañón, Filiberto
    We present a study of the contribution of the different scales used by several feature extraction methods based on filter banks for color texture classification. Filter banks used for textural characterization purposes are ...
  • Parallel Interconnection of Broadcast Systems with Multiple FIFO Channels 

    De Juan Marín, Rubén; Cholvi Juan, Vicente; Jiménez, Ernesto; Muñoz Escoí, Francesc D.
    This paper proposes new protocols for the interconnection of FIFO- and causal-ordered broadcast systems, thus increasing their scalability. They use several interconnection links between systems, which avoids bottleneck ...
  • Multi-spectral Texture Characterisation for Remote Sensing Image Segmentation 

    Pla Bañón, Filiberto; Gracia, Gema; García Sevilla, Pedro; Mirmehdi, Majid; Xie, Xianghua
    A multi-spectral texture characterisation model is proposed, the Multi-spectral Local Differences Texem – MLDT, as an affordable approach to be used in multi-spectral images that may contain large number of bands. The MLDT ...


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