Table of Contents

Whole Issue.


1. From the editors. Antonio José Silvestre López, Mari Carmen Campoy Cubillo, Miguel F. Ruiz Garrido p. i-xvi

2. Diasporic dialogues: The role of gender, language, and revision in the neo-slave narrative. Kalenda Eaton p. 1-22

3. Jacqueline Woodson’s narrative style in The Other Side: An African American picture book for children. Agustín Reyes Torres p. 23-37

4. Anzaldúa and ‘the new mestiza’: A Chicana dives into collective identity. María Henríquez-Betancor p. 38-55

5. Wordarrows: The performative power of language in N. Scott Momaday’s non-fiction work. Anna M. Brígido-Corachán p. 56-69

6. Memory and language in Hiromi Goto’s Chorus of mushrooms. Eva Pich Ponce p. 70-88

7. The voice of the cypresses. Cyrus Cassells and the poetry of Salvador Espriu. Dídac Llorens Cubedo p. 89-106

A poet speaks about...

8. The use and abuse of language by a Chicano from Aztlán (both words unknown). Nephtalí De León p. 107-116

Book and Multimedia Reviews

9. Koritha Mitchell. Living with Lynching Mar Gallego Durán p. 117-125


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