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dc.contributor.authorMonfort Gimeno, Eliseo
dc.contributor.authorSanfélix, Vicente
dc.contributor.authorCelades López, Irina
dc.contributor.authorGomar Peiró, Salvador
dc.contributor.authorMartín, F.
dc.contributor.authorAceña, B.
dc.contributor.authorPascual, A.
dc.identifier.citationAtmospheric Environment (Dec. 2011), vol. 45, no. 39, 7286–7292
dc.description.abstractIn this paper, an analytical methodology is proposed for estimating diffuse dust emissions from bulk solids managing (storage, handling, and transport) activities in the ceramic industry. The methodology is based on analytical methods drawn from the AP-42, US Environmental Protection Agency reports and the Emission Estimation Technique (EET) Manual for Mining from Environment Australia. The analytical methods were evaluated by means of experimental campaigns in open and closed bulk solids storage and managing facilities in ceramic plants. Dust concentrations and meteorological variables were recorded in experimental field studies in order to implement the experimental models: a method based on Reverse Dispersion Modelling (RDM) was applied in open facilities, and the Roof Monitor Method (RMM) was used to estimate diffuse dust emissions in closed facilities. The proposed methodology was applied to 13 ceramic plants with different technological scenarios. The methodology enabled the diffuse PM10 emission factors associated with different dust abatement technologies to be determined. This methodology thus allows the Best Available Techniques (BATs) to be selected for reducing these emissions in ceramic and similar facilities.ca_CA
dc.description.sponsorShipThis study was supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, through the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development, and Technological Innovation 2008–2011, by funding project CGL2009-14680-C02-01ca_CA
dc.format.extent7 p.ca_CA
dc.rights© 2011 Elsevier Inc. All rights reservedca_CA
dc.subjectDiffuse PM10 emissionsca_CA
dc.subjectEmission factors estimationca_CA
dc.subjectAbatement technologiesca_CA
dc.subjectCeramic industryca_CA
dc.titleDiffuse PM10emission factors associated with dust abatement technologies in the ceramic industryca_CA

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