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  • Balance hídrico en jugadoras amateur de baloncesto: seguimiento en 10 partidos 

    Batalla Gavalda, Abraham; Bofill Ródenas, Ana Maria; Corbi Soler, Francisco; Montoliu Colás, Raúl; Planas-Anzano, Antoni (Fundación Española de Dietistas-Nutricionistas (FEDN), 2016)
    Introducción: El objetivo del presente estudio fue analizar la evolución de las necesidades hídricas de un equipo de baloncesto femenino amateur, en situación de partido y durante toda una fase eliminatoria, a partir de ...
  • Designing Semantic Application Programming Interfaces for Open Government Data 

    Degbelo, Auriol; Trilles Oliver, Sergi; Kray, Christian; Bhattachaya, Devanjan; Schiestel, Nicholas; Wissing, Jonas; Granell Canut, Carlos (Danube-University Krems, 2016)
    Many countries currently maintain a national data catalog, which provides access to the available datasets – sometimes via an Application Programming Interface (API). These APIs play a crucial role in realizing the ...
  • Gauss-Bonnet formulae and rotational integrals in constant curvature spaces 

    Barahona, S.; Gual Arnau, Ximo (Elsevier, 2017-02)
    We obtain generalizations of the main result in [10], and then provide geometric interpretations of linear combinations of the mean curvature integrals that appear in the Gauss–Bonnet formula for hypersurfaces in space ...
  • Single-frame super-resolution in remote sensing: a practical overview 

    Fernández Beltrán, Rubén; Latorre Carmona, Pedro; Pla Bañón, Filiberto (Taylor & Francis, 2017)
    Image acquisition technology is improving very fast from a performance point of view. However, there are physical restrictions that can only be solved using software processing strategies. This is particularly true in the ...
  • Geoskills among academic librarians in Greece, Cyprus and Spain 

    Vardakosta, Ifigenia; Aguilar Moreno, Estefanía; Granell Canut, Carlos; Kapidakis, Sarantos (Elsevier, 2016)
    Existing literature on Geographic Information (GI) and libraries points out that American and Canadian librarians have long been aware of the intimate relationship between geospatial data and libraries. In Europe, though, ...