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  • In-home monitoring system based on WiFi fingerprints for ambient assisted living 

    Torres-Sospedra, Joaquín; Belmonte Fernández, Óscar; Montoliu Colás, Raúl; Trilles Oliver, Sergi; Calia, Andrea
    This paper presents an in-home monitoring system based on WiFi fingerprints for Ambient Assisted Living. WiFi fingerprints are used to continuously locate a patient at the different rooms in her/his home. The experiments ...
  • Deployment of an open sensorized platform in a smart city context 

    Trilles Oliver, Sergi; Calia, Andrea; Belmonte Fernández, Óscar; Torres-Sospedra, Joaquín; Montoliu Colás, Raúl; Huerta Guijarro, Joaquín
    The race to achieve smart cities is producing a continuous effort to adapt new developments and knowledge, for administrations and citizens. Information and Communications Technology are called on to be one of the key ...
  • Real-time acquisition of complex optical fields by binary amplitude modulation 

    Peters, Eduardo; Clemente, Pere; Salvador Balaguer, Eva; Tajahuerce, Enrique; Andrés, Pedro; Pérez, Darío G.; Lancis, Jesús
    We describe, through simulations and experiments, a real-time wavefront acquisition technique using random binary amplitude masks and an iterative phase retrieval algorithm based on the Fresnel propagator. By using a digital ...
  • A case study on the use of model quality testing tools for the assessment of MCAD models and drawings 

    González-Lluch, Carmen; Company, Pedro; Contero, Manuel; Dorribo Camba, Jorge; Colom, Jesús
    In this paper, we build on the idea that specialized instruction improves the overall quality of CAD documents by guiding students into selecting the most suitable modeling strategies and approaches. To this end, automatic ...
  • Downstream Services for Rice Crop Monitoring in Europe: From Regional to Local Scale 

    Busetto, Lorenzo; Casteleyn, Sven; Granell Canut, Carlos; Pepe, Monica; Barbieri, Massimo; Campos-Taberner, Manuel; CASA, Raffaele; Collivignarelli, Francesco; Confalonieri, Roberto; Crema, Alberto; García Haro, Francisco Javier; Luca Gatti; Gatti, Luca; Gitas, Ioannis; González-Pérez, Alberto; Grau Muedra, Gonçal Andreu; Guarneri, Tommaso; Holecz, Francesco; Katsantonis, Dimitrios; Minakou, Chara; Miralles Tena, Ignacio; Movedi, Ermes; Nutini, Francesco; Pagani, Valentina; Palombo, Angelo; DI Paola, Francesco; Pascucci, Simone; Pignatti, Stefano; RAMPINI, ANNA; Ranghetti, Luigi; Ricciardelli, Elisabetta; Romano, Filomena; Stavrakoudis, Dimitris; STROPPIANA, DANIELA; VIGGIANO, MARIASSUNTA; BOSCHETTI, MIRCO
    The ERMES agromonitoring system for rice cultivations integrates EO data at different resolutions, crop models, and user-provided in situ data in a unified system, which drives two operational downstream services for rice ...


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