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  • Abstract 

    Comité editorial Anuari
  • Flexibilitat i tipus d'empreses 

    Ripollés Meliá, María
    The author tries to refute the commonplace of the flexibility of the small and medium enterprises compared with the big ones. Once this kind of enterprises described, the elements involved in the flexibility of a company ...
  • Línies actuals d'investigació sobre programes educatius amb delinqüents 

    Carbó Badal, Olga
    In this article, the Social Sciences Citation Index (1975-1987) is reviewed in detail to analyze and evaluate, from a semantic point of view, the education programs with delinquents that are reported in those dates.
  • El càncer, enigma i repte: orígens i possibilitats de prevenció 

    Giner Sorolla, Alfred
    In this study a panorama about the matter of cancer is presented, focusing in the main items of this widespread ilness: the substances that produce cancer (investigated, with original results, by the author of the article ...
  • Art i Neovantguarda 

    Torrent Esclapés, Rosalía
    This study describes the «neovanguard» phenomenon. The author deals with the movements appeared after the historical vanguards, with a special incidence in the poetics of all of them, from American Abstract Expressionism ...


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