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  • Fabrication of gold nanoparticles in Therminol VP-1 by laser ablation and fragmentation with fs pulses 

    Torres Mendieta, Rafael Omar; Mondragón Cazorla, Rosa; Juliá Bolívar, José Enrique; Mendoza Yero, Omel; Cordoncillo Cordoncillo, Eloisa; Lancis, Jesús; Mínguez Vega, Gladys (IOP Science, 2014-10-22)
    This letter reports on a physical method to produce highly pure, size-controlled and well-dispersed spherical gold nanoparticles (NPs) in Therminol VP-1 by pulsed laser ablation in liquids (PLAL) using a 30 fs Ti:Sapphire ...
  • Toward High-Temperature Stability of PTB7-Based Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells: Impact of Fullerene Size and Solvent Additive 

    Dkhil, Sadok Ben; Pfannmöller, Martin; Saba, Maria Ilenia; Gaceur, Meriem; Heidari, Hamed; Videlot-Ackermann, Christine; Margeat, Olivier; Guerrero Castillejo, Antonio; Bisquert, Juan; García Belmonte, Germà; Mattoni, Alessandro; Bals, Sara; Ackermann, Jörg (Wiley, 2017-02)
    The use of fullerene as acceptor limits the thermal stability of organic solar cells at high temperatures as their diffusion inside the donor leads to phase separation via Ostwald ripening. Here it is reported that ...
  • Interplay of host volume variations and internal distortions in the course of intercalation into disordered matrices 

    García Belmonte, Germà; Vakarin, Eduard V.; Badiali, Jean Pierre (2007)
    Based on a combination of the distortive lattice gas model and the maximum information entropy approach, the thermodynamics of insertion into disordered hosts is analyzed. It is found that the isotherm specificities can ...
  • Fresnel phase retrieval method using an annular lens array on an SLM 

    Loriot, Vincent; Mendoza Yero, Omel; Pérez Vizcaíno, Jorge; Mínguez Vega, Gladys; De Nalda, R.; Bañares, L.; Lancis, Jesús (Springer, 2014-10)
    Wavefront aberrations play a major role when focusing an ultrashort laser pulse to a high-quality focal spot. Here, we report a novel method to measure and correct wavefront aberrations of a 30-fs pulsed laser beam. The ...
  • Surface Recombination and Collection Efficiency in Perovskite Solar Cells from Impedance Analysis 

    zarazua, Isaac; Han, Guifang; Boix, Pablo P.; Mhaisalkar, Subodh; Fabregat Santiago, Francisco; Mora Seró, Iván; Bisquert, Juan; García Belmonte, Germà (American Chemical Society, 2016-11)
    The large diffusion lengths recurrently measured in perovskite single crystals and films signal small bulk nonradiative recombination flux and locate the dominant carrier recombination processes at the outer interfaces. ...


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