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dc.contributor.authorPolovitsyn, Anatolii
dc.contributor.authorKhan, Ali Hossain
dc.contributor.authorAngeloni, Ilaria
dc.contributor.authorGrim, Joel Q.
dc.contributor.authorPlanelles, Josep
dc.contributor.authorClimente, Juan I.
dc.identifier.citationPOLOVITSYN, Anatolii, et al. Synthesis of Anisotropic CdSe/CdS Dot-in-Giant-Rod Nanocrystals with Persistent Blue-Shifted Biexciton Emission. ACS Photonics, 2018, vol. 5, no 11, p. 4561-4568ca_CA
dc.description.abstractAnisotropic single-phase wurtzite CdSe/CdS nanocrystals were synthesized by colloidal chemistry, introducing ZnCl2 to increase the shell growth in the radial direction. As a result, dot-in-giant-rod nanocrystals were obtained, with a core diameter that varied between 3.2 and 7.5 nm and an overall diameter between 15 and 22 nm, corresponding to a 14–26 ML CdS shell. In addition to an extended fluorescence lifetime, typical for CdSe/CdS heteronanocrystals, all samples also yielded a blue-shifted biexciton emission peak. This contrasts with existing data on CdSe/CdS dot-in-rod nanocrystals with a thin shell, which yield a type-I band offset and attractive biexciton interactions for CdSe/CdS with a core larger than about 2.8 nm. However, k·p calculations support the blue shift, with a significant electron delocalization into the CdS shell even for large core diameter. We assign this effect to the influence of strain at the CdSe/CdS interface and associated reduction of the conduction band offset, as well as the buildup of a piezoelectric field along the nanorod long axis. The strain-induced electron–hole separation is particularly effective in large-core nanocrystals, providing a tool to engineer electron and hole wave functions that is complementary to quantum confinement.ca_CA
dc.format.extent8 p.ca_CA
dc.publisherAmerican Chemical Societyca_CA
dc.relation.isPartOfACS Photonics, 2018, vol. 5, no 11ca_CA
dc.rightsCopyright © American Chemical Societyca_CA
dc.subjectband offsetca_CA
dc.subjectk·p calculationsca_CA
dc.subjectpiezoelectric fieldca_CA
dc.subjectquantum dotsca_CA
dc.titleSynthesis of Anisotropic CdSe/CdS Dot-in-Giant-Rod Nanocrystals with Persistent Blue-Shifted Biexciton Emissionca_CA
dc.relation.projectIDMinistero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale: IONX-NC4SOL; MINECO: CTQ2017-83781-P; UJI project: B2017-59ca_CA

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