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dc.contributor.authorJeger, Michael
dc.contributor.authorBragard, Claude
dc.contributor.authorCaffier, David
dc.contributor.authorCandresse, Thierry
dc.contributor.authorChatzivassiliou, Elisavet
dc.contributor.authorDehnen-Schmutz, Katharina
dc.contributor.authorGilioli, Gianni
dc.contributor.authorGrégoire, Jean-Claude
dc.contributor.authorJaques, Josep A.
dc.contributor.authorMacLeod, Alan
dc.contributor.authorNavajas Navarro, María
dc.contributor.authorNiere, Björn
dc.contributor.authorParnell, Stephen
dc.contributor.authorPotting, Roel
dc.contributor.authorRafoss, Trond
dc.contributor.authorRossi, Vittorio
dc.contributor.authorUrek, Gregor
dc.contributor.authorVan Bruggen, Ariena
dc.contributor.authorVan der Werf, Wopke
dc.contributor.authorWest, Jonathan
dc.contributor.authorWinter, Stephan
dc.contributor.authorBoberg, Johanna
dc.contributor.authorGonthier, Paolo
dc.contributor.authorPautasso, Marco
dc.identifier.citationJEGER, Michael; BRAGARD, Claude ; CAFFIER, David; CANDRESSE, Thierry; CHATZIVASSILIOU, Elisavet; DEHNEN-SCHMUTZ, Katharina; GILIOLI, Gianni; GRÉGOIRE, Jean-Claude; JAQUES, Josep A.; MACLEOD, Alan; NAVAJAS NAVARRO, María; NIERE, Björn; PARNELL, Stephen; POTTING, Roel; RAFOSS, Trond; ROSSI, Vittorio; UREK, Gregor; VAN BRUGGEN, Ariena ; VAN DER WERF, Wopke; WEST, Jonathan; WINTER, Stephan; BOBERG, Johanna; GONTHIER, Paolo; PAUTASSO, Marco. Pest categorisation of Entoleuca mammata. EFSA Journal (2017), v. 15, n. 7ca_CA
dc.description.abstractFollowing a request from the European Commission, the EFSA Plant Health (PLH) Panel performed a pest categorisation of Entoleuca mammata, a well-defined and distinguishable fungus of the family Xylariaceae native to North America. The species was moved from the genus Hypoxylon to the genus Entoleuca following a revision of the genus. The former species name H. mammatum is used in the Council Directive 2000/29/EC. E. mammata is the causal agent of Hypoxylon canker of quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides) and other poplars (Populus spp.). The pathogen has been reported in 16 EU Member States (MS), without apparent limiting ecoclimatic factors, but mostly (with the exception of Sweden) with a restricted distribution. E. mammata is a protected zone (PZ) quarantine pest (Annex IIB) for Ireland and the UK (Northern Ireland). The main hosts present in the EU (P. tremula, P. nigra and hybrid poplars) are widespread throughout most of the risk assessment area, including the PZ. The main means of spread are wind-blown ascospores, plants for planting and wood with bark. E. mammata is not currently reported to be of significant economic importance in the EU MS where the pathogen is reported, but has been shown to cause significant damage in the USA. Risk reduction options include appropriate site selection for poplar plantations, avoiding wounds, and debarking wood. The main uncertainties concern the distribution of the pathogen in the EU, the susceptibility of cultivated hybrid poplars to the pathogen and thus the potential damage to poplar plantations in the RA area. The criteria assessed by the Panel for consideration as potential PZ quarantine pest are met. The criterion of plants for planting being the main pathway for spread for regulated non-quarantine pests is not met: plants for planting are only one of the means of spread of the pathogen.ca_CA
dc.format.extent25 p.ca_CA
dc.relation.isPartOfEFSA Journal (2017), v. 15, n. 7ca_CA
dc.rightsAttribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 Internacional*
dc.subjectForest pathologyca_CA
dc.subjectNursery tradeca_CA
dc.subjectPlant healthca_CA
dc.subjectPopulus spp.ca_CA
dc.subjectRisk assessmentca_CA
dc.subjectTree plantationsca_CA
dc.titlePest categorisation of Entoleuca mammataca_CA

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