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dc.contributor.authorRuz Segovia, Pablo
dc.contributor.otherTeglio, Andrea
dc.contributor.otherUniversitat Jaume I. Departament d'Economia
dc.descriptionTreball Final de Grau en Economia. Codi: EC1049. Curs acadèmic: 2016/2017ca_CA
dc.description.abstractFinancial markets are crucial for companies in order to assume their obligations and finance their new investments. In this period, the credit market in Spain played a very important role in terms of resource allocation: from 2000 to 2008 as a growth engine for the economy and from 2008 onwards giving financial support to companies suffering financial distress. In this paper we analyze the distribution of credit in Spain for the period from 2000 and 2012 using financial indicators, a bankruptcy prediction model, and studying inequality. There are two main findings: between 2000 and 2012 the credit in Spain is highly concentrated in a few companies with an increasing tendency; and that Banks granted credit to firms without taking into account the financial performance of firms. Given the financial crisis that Spain has suffered, we offer a complementary approach and we claim for a credit revision of financial markets performance.ca_CA
dc.format.extent23 p.ca_CA
dc.publisherUniversitat Jaume Ica_CA
dc.rightsAtribución-CompartirIgual 4.0 Internacional*
dc.subjectGrau en Economiaca_CA
dc.subjectGrado en Economíaca_CA
dc.subjectBachelor's Degree in Economicsca_CA
dc.subjectcredit distributionca_CA
dc.subjectfinancial performanceca_CA
dc.titleAn analysis of credit distribution in Spain through sectors from a financial perspectiveca_CA
dc.educationLevelEstudios de Gradoca_CA

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Atribución-CompartirIgual 4.0 Internacional
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