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  • Module 3: Biomass 

    Hernández López, Leonor; Radic, Zsolt; Patkós, Csaba
    The chapter gives an introduction to the main concepts of biomass. The students get familiar with the categories of biomass materials and the principles of biomass utilization. The chapter also gives a detailed analysis ...
  • Module 4: Small wind energy 

    Grigore, Roxana; Puiu, Gabriel; Segarra, José; Jorro, Juan; Hernández López, Leonor
    To start this module it is necessary an introductive part about the use of wind energy to produce electricity. There are presented historical data of wind energy use, the evolution in time of wind turbines, basic constructive ...
  • Module 1. Renewable energy and local development 

    Hernández López, Leonor; Beltrán San Segundo, Héctor; Querol Vicente, Vicent A.
    To start the course, we will initially focus on the nature and characteristics of three natural and renewable resources: the sun, the wind, and the biomass. Although basically the three of them are obtained from the sun ...
  • Module 2. Photovoltaic energy 

    Hernández López, Leonor; Segarra, José; Jorro, Juan; Kray, Zsuzsanna
    To start this PV module the main uses of photovoltaics will be detailed in order to get an idea of the possibilities that this technology offers for the development of modern living. Once the technological possibilities ...

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