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dc.contributor.authorVan Woensel, William
dc.contributor.authorCasteleyn, Sven
dc.contributor.authorDe Troyer, Olga
dc.contributor.authorParet, Elien
dc.identifier.citationVAN WOENSEL, William; CASTELEYN, Sven; PARET, Elien; DE TROYER, Olga. Mobile Querying of Online Semantic Web Data for Context-Aware Applications. IEEE Internet Computing (2011), v. 15, issue 6, pp. 32-39ca_CA
dc.description.abstractMobile devices are becoming increasingly multi-functional and personal, providing mobile applications with the necessary user information (e.g., preferences, personal calendar) to achieve personalization. At the same time, detection technologies (e.g., Radio Frequency IDentification, or RFID) allow mobile devices to detect nearby physical entities, and thus map the user’s environment. By exploiting existing online data sources about these detected entities, mobile applications can further improve personalization by including knowledge on the mobile user’s physical environment. Semantic Web sources are useful in this respect, as they are machine-readable and facilitate integration with other sources. SCOUT, developed by the authors, is a mobile application framework that supports the linking of physical entities to online semantic sources, and provides applications with an integrated, query-able view on these sources and the user’s environment. In order to efficiently access this large set of distributed online semantic sources, a tailored data management approach has been developed.ca_CA
dc.description.sponsorShipSven Casteleyn is supported by an EC Marie Curie grant, FP7- PEOPLE-2009-IEF, N° 254383.ca_CA
dc.format.extent10 p.ca_CA
dc.publisherInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)ca_CA
dc.relation.isPartOfIEEE Internet Computing (2011), v. 15, issue 6ca_CA
dc.subjectInformation Storage and Retrievingca_CA
dc.subjectInformation Search and Retrievalca_CA
dc.subjectInformation filteringca_CA
dc.subjectMobile applicationsca_CA
dc.subjectLocation-dependent and sensitiveca_CA
dc.titleMobile Querying of Online Semantic Web Data for Context-Aware Applicationsca_CA

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