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dc.contributor.authorLópez Peris, María Lidón
dc.contributor.authorQueralt Martín, María
dc.contributor.authorAlcaraz, Antonio
dc.identifier.citationLÓPEZ, M. Lidón; QUERALT-MARTÍN, María; ALCARAZ, Antonio. Stochastic pumping of ions based on colored noise in bacterial channels under acidic stress. Nanoscale, 2016, vol. 8, no 27, p. 13422-13428.ca_CA
dc.description.abstractFluctuation-driven ion transport can be obtained in bacterial channels with the aid of different types of colored noise including the biologically relevant Lorentzian one. Using the electrochemical rectification of the channel current as a ratchet mechanism we observe transport of ions up to their concentration gradient under conditions similar to that met in vivo, namely moderate pH gradients and asymmetrically charged lipid membranes. We find that depending on the direction of the concentration gradient the channel can pump either cations or anions from the diluted side to the concentrated one. We discuss the possible relevance of this phenomenon for the pH homeostasis of bacterial cellsca_CA
dc.description.sponsorShipFinancial support from Generalitat Valenciana (project PROMETEO/GV/0069), the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain (project no. FIS2013-40473-P), and Universitat Jaume I (project no. P1.1B2015-28) is acknowledged.ca_CA
dc.format.extent6 p.ca_CA
dc.publisherRoyal Society of Chemistryca_CA
dc.relation.isPartOfNanoscale Volume 8, Issue 27, July 2016ca_CA
dc.rights© The Royal Society of Chemistry 2016ca_CA
dc.subjectbacterial cellsca_CA
dc.subjectstochastic systemsca_CA
dc.subjectwhite noiseca_CA
dc.titleStochastic pumping of ions based on colored noise in bacterial channels under acidic stressca_CA

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