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dc.contributor.authorFalomir Ventura, Eva
dc.contributor.authorLucas, Ricardo
dc.contributor.authorPeñalver, Pablo
dc.contributor.authorMartí Centelles, Rosa
dc.contributor.authorDupont, Alexia
dc.contributor.authorZafra Gómez, Alberto
dc.contributor.authorCarda Usó, Miguel
dc.contributor.authorMorales, Juan C.
dc.identifier.citationFALOMIR, Eva, et al. Cytotoxic, antiangiogenic and antitelomerase activity of glucosyl‐and acyl‐resveratrol prodrugs and resveratrol sulfate metabolites. ChemBioChem, Volume 17, Issue 14, 2016.ca_CA
dc.description.abstractResveratrol (RES) is a natural polyphenol with relevant and varied biological activity. However, its low bioavailability and rapid metabolism to its glucuronate and sulfate conjugates has opened a debate on the mechanisms underlying its bioactivity. RES prodrugs are being developed to overcome these problems. We have synthesized a series of RES prodrugs and RES sulfate metabolites (RES-S) and evaluated their biological activities. RES glucosylated prodrugs (RES-Glc) were more cytotoxic in HT-29 and MCF-7 cells than RES itself whereas RES-S showed similar or higher cytotoxicity than RES. VEGF production was decreased by RES-Glc, and RES-disulfate (RES-diS) diminished it even more than RES. Finally, RES-Glc and RES-diS inhibited hTERT gene expression to a higher extent than RES. In conclusion, resveratrol prodrugs are promising candidates as anticancer drugs. In addition, RES-S showed distinct biological activity, thus indicating they are not simply RES reservoirs.ca_CA
dc.description.sponsorShipFinancial support has been granted by the Spanish Government (Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, projects CTQ2011-27560 and CTQ2012-35360), by the Consellería d’Empresa, Universitat i Ciencia de la Generalitat Valenciana (projects PROMETEO/2013/027) and by the Universitat Jaume I (project PI-1B-2011-37).ca_CA
dc.format.extent5 p.ca_CA
dc.relation.isPartOfChemBioChem, Volume 17, Issue 14, July 2016.ca_CA
dc.rightsCopyright © 1999-2016 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. All Rights Reservedca_CA
dc.titleCytotoxic, antiangiogenic and antitelomerase activity of glucosyl- and acyl- resveratrol prodrugs and resveratrol sulfate metabolitesca_CA

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