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dc.contributor.authorGuinea Llorente, Mercedes
dc.description.abstractThe Spanish National Security Strategy was adopted by the Council of Ministers, on 31st May 2013. It tries to offer a global vision of Spanish security challenges in context and seeks to bring together every State capacity and tools in order to increase security. Spain is a member of the European Union since the 1st January 1986. Since the EU is a multilevel political system, Spanish national security also depends on political action and tools at the European level. Historically, Spain is committed to deepening the European political integration, which has to be reflected in its general security frame. For all these reasons, an analysis of the Spanish Security Strategy, from a specific European perspective is needed. First of all, we have to assess the fact of the Spanish membership in the European Union as a given fact that determines its security conditions. Second, we shall examine the EU as an arena for political action in order to enhance national security. Third, from an instrumental point of view, European policies and institutions should be considered also as tools at the disposal of the Spanish government. They should be employed in order to address national security concerns
dc.format.extent43 p.ca_CA
dc.publisherUniversidad Complutense de Madridca_CA
dc.relation.isPartOfSeriesUNISCI Discussion Papers;35
dc.subjectEstrategia de Seguridad Nacionalca_CA
dc.subjectNational Security Strategyca_CA
dc.titleLa Estrategia de Seguridad Nacional 2013: una evaluación desde la perspectiva de la pertenencia de España a la Unión Europeaca_CA
dc.title.alternativeThe National Security Strategy 2013: an evaluation from the prespective of the Spanish membership in the European Unionca_CA
dc.subject.eurovocSeguridad Europeaca_CA
dc.subject.eurovocEuropean securityca_CA
dc.subject.eurovocPolítica exteriorca_CA
dc.subject.eurovocForeign policyca_CA

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